The History of Home Delivery

Did you know the first known home food delivery was in Italy in 1889- the king and queen at the time were lazy and ordered (of course) Pizza to their palace in Naples – nice.

And delivery has evolved from that first pizza…

In the 19th Century an Indian company started with the idea of ‘making and delivering’ home cooked meals – today that same company delivers over 200,000 lunches a day to hungry workers.

In the 1950’s uncertain economic times in the US forced restaurants to adapt (sound familiar?) by creating a ‘modern delivery service’ that is commonplace today in the US (and well everywhere)

Your parents or grandparents may remember the milkman delivering fresh bottles of milk and eggs to your door…this was before we all had fridges to store our perishables. With fridges getting bigger and then cars and then big supermarkets we were happy to all go shopping.

Today again things have changed but home delivery is still as popular and important as ever. What are the trends today on home delivery?

We have technology, I- phones, apps to order our food, facebook
We want convenience and are time poor
We also want fresh and healthy food – ready to go meals.

Chickensalt Rotisserie has you covered!

Healthy and delicious options – check out our menu
Convenient – curb side collect, take away and yes home delivery
Easy – order on our app, facebook, website or call us – 6584 5545

From 1889 to today home delivery seems to be here to stay!