Change of Season and Change of Lifestyle

Who ever thought out lives would change so dramatically with self isolation and a huge change to our way of living due to COVID 19.

We can also see that the seasons are changing and here we are now into April with summer behind us – cooler nights and changing weather leading into winter as the year continues to rolls on.

With both these changes its important that we continue to nourish ourselves and look after our wellbeing both mentally and physically.

The food we eat plays a big part on our well being and at Chickensalt Rotisserie we want to ensure you have options for both tasty and healthy options to look after you and your family as we move into winter keeping both COVID and the flu at bay.

We have plenty of comfort food, healthy food and delicious food to look after you and your family.

As winter approaches what better than chicken curries, chicken pies, succulent Rotiserrie chicken, seasonal local vegetables, fresh salads and lots of specials for you and your family.

To make it easy you can order on our app, call us on 6584 5545, check out our website , or find us on facebook.

Thank you Port Macquarie for allowing us to be a part of your community and know we are here to look after you with healthy food options through the change in lifestyle and change of seasons upon us all.